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Speed Capping Solution For Airtel New June 2013

Airtel 3G Speed Capping Solution June 2013

If you are using one of my trick or other airtel 3g trick you might you that even on 3g network if you are using a trick you cant get more than 10KBPS in 3g mode,So the users of tricks are unable to use high speed internet.
Because of that the users are not able to download high amount of data,So here is the trick to remove the speed capping of airtel.

What Is Speed Capping ?
Airtel has a speed cap to reduce the bandwidth of 3g,So if you are using any trick you cant get MORE THAN 10KBPS speed without any 3g pack,and we all know that no 3g pack has unlimited usage.

Feature Of Trick:
1. Remove Speed Cap
2. Only working Solution
3. Two Tricks Added
4. 100% Working With All States
Steps :-

First Speed Unblock Trick:
1. First Deactivate 3G By Dialing *121*11#.
2. Activate It Again By Dialing *121*11#.
3. Than Dial *121*11# and Activate Zero Rental Plan.(If You Get 50MB error Than Download The Second Trick)
4. You will Be Uncapped.

Second Speed Unblock Trick (100% Work):

This Trick is New and 100% Working so You Have To Download It From FileIce.

Download Airtel Sim Unblock Trick From Bellow :

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