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How To Open Blocked Links Including Adf.ly Links In India And All Other Countries - By ATH Team

How To Open Any Blocked Links - Easy And Simple In All Countries

Adf.ly is a URL Shortener service which pays for every visit your URL gets. It became so popular in only few days and everyone in the world started to use it to earn some decent bucks. But due to some reason it is blocked in India and some other countries also. I found a solution not only for Adf.ly links but also other blocked links too. By using this you can open any blocked links.

First Method -
1. Open Adf.ly Links Or Other Blocked Links In Your Browser.

You Get Error Message - The URL you requested has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom(GRG). URL =
2. Now Just Add v2. In Front Of Adf.ly (v2.adf.ly/xxxx)

3. Now Go To v2.adf.ly/xxxx And Continue Your Service.

Second Method -
I Will Show This Method With Other Blocked Link - To Prove It. It Works Great With All Blocked Links Including Adf.ly.

1. Example Your Blocked Link Is - http://uploaded.net/file/yt5jva8v

2. Now Just Add https:// In Fornt Of Your Link

3. Now Go To https://uploaded.net/file/yt5jva8v And Continue Your Service.

Thanks To AllTypeHacks - Hackers Team

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  1. https:// worked

  2. https did not work

  3. Its working. Example: Your link is - adf.ly/xxxx Then use this - https://www.adf.ly/xxxx

    It will work then. Try it ........ :)

  4. Thanks https worked


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