Grab Youtube Video Without Downloading By Abhi

Get YouTube Videos In Your PC Without Downloading

Just watch the Youtube video in firefox and get FLV file of that video in cache folder of firefox in easy way. No need to download youtube video using any softwares or Add-ons. Just follow these steps.

Watch full Youtube video in Firefox bowser. (Let the video buffer completely)

When you see reply button on youtube video, don’t close the Firefox browser.

Go at following folder C:\Documents and Settings\%currents user%\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\2ai338p4.default\Cache
If you are not able to find “Application Data” after Local Settings, just add “\Application Data” on the address bar at Local setting folder. Sometimes it might be Hidden.

In “Profiles” open “Cache” folder. You may find a lots of unknown type files in this folder.

Most probably the last file will be youtube video. (Hint: Arrange the files by “Modified”)
You can even find it by size. It will be the largest file.

The file will be of Unknown format. Just rename it into any name with “.flv” extention.

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