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How To Permanently Delete A Facebook Account

Deactivating your Facebook account will temporarily hide your information, but deletion is permanent. Here's how to completely remove your Facebook account.

Sometimes you don’t want to use your Facebook account any more or want to start new and fresh but from Facebook setting options you can temporarily disable your Facebook account but cannot delete it permanently. So we are providing you a simple and easy way to delete your Facebook account permanently.

Step By Step Guide -

1.Sign In to your Facebook Account.

2.Now Click here to delete your Facebook Account forever.

3.Now enter your password as Facebook wants to be double sure if you really want to delete your account.

4.Now proceed with suitable options and enter correct CAPACHA code to make sure that you are a human and not a bot and complete deletion process

5.Your account will be deleted automatically after 14 days, so if you want to use your account again you can sign-in anytime between 14 days and your account will be activated again but after 14 days you will not be able to access this account again. To start afresh you can make a new account.

6.If you are using your Facebook account to log-in to other sites you won’t be able to do so after complete deletion of your account but is you use your FB account to sign-in to any other website within 14 days your account will be reactivated.

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