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AllTypeHacks was founded in December 2012 with vision to be best blog online among of all those famous blog. AllTypeHacks is all about Hacking, Operators Tricks, Full Software, Full Games, Software Cracks, Games Cheats, Social Networking Tricks, Blogging Tips and much more. We here take care about the post to be very easy to understand and to follow. Visitors are always found our tricks best of the best and are satisfied.


Alexa Ranking: 152,896
Average Page views Per Day: 30528
Average Daily Unique Users: 16264
Report Since: 05 Nov, 2015


We are getting 75% traffic from the search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. Our major visitors are from United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, India, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Ukraine and other countries. Most of the visitors are from 16 - 45 age groups.


Ads Location                                               Ads Size                                                    Availability

Top of every pages                             728x90 Leaderboard banner                                     1 of 1 available
Right sidebar middle                           300 x 250 Rectangle banner                                     1 of 1 available
Left sidebar middle                             160x600 Wide Skyscraper                                         1 of 1 available

NOTE: All the Price is set for 30 Days and payment would be done first. We offer good discount on long term advertisement on AllTypeHacks.


Only Family Friendly ads/links/reviews are accepted.
We reserve the right to accept / deny the ad campaign / Review of product, website or service.
Ads with Drugs/Adult content/Gambling/Sound/Flash and Scam will not accepted.
Payment would on advance basis.
Payment once done will not be return.
All the ad campaign including reviews and links will have “rel=nofollow” attribute.

Ads Rates:

Ad Size                                                           For                                                 Price

728x90                                                         30 Days                                              40 $
300 x 250                                                     30 Days                                              50 $
160x600                                                       30 Days                                              30 $
All Banners                                                   30 Days                                             100$


To purchase any ad space or request reviews please send a message with proper subject line in our facebook page and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We accept the payment through PayPal only. Local customer will be provided with bank details. Our rates are low because we want to help our advertisers with giving lots of traffic at low price. Stay tuned with Us ........ Also You can comment here.


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